What Makes CareCorps® Different?

Personalized on-site clinic care & our proprietary data analysis yield healthier employees plus a healthier bottom line

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What makes CareCorps® unique from other on-site operations are our expertise in risk management, data gathering and analysis, extensive reporting, and customized communication and outreach.

Our extensive experience in benefit plan management in funding, design, and underwriting integrates with our CareCorps® medical care to be able to target treatment and measure outcomes in improved health status and cost savings.

We have proprietary data mining and analytical tools that give us the information we need to correctly staff and price our CareCorps® clinics.

We provide extensive reporting to our clients that is unique to our operation. Employers are given de-identified, HIPAA-compliant data to illustrate utilization, savings, risk profiles and downward trends in targeted disease states.


Our customized communication and outreach campaigns engage the employees to use the clinic and become partners in their health management.


Not unlike a medical practice, on-site clinics are subject to many benefit and health care regulations including ERISA, DOL, IRS, HIPAA and OSHA. We are expert at keeping our clinics and our clients in full compliance with all applicable statutes.