CareCorps® clinics save money

WITH BOTH direct, indirect savings.

SavingsHere's how healthier employees yield a healthier bottom line.


On-site quality medical care results in a healthier, happier, more productive workforce.


The impact of improved access to focused care affords better treatment outcomes and significant health care savings.



  • There is no charge to the employees to use the clinic, saving them out-of-pocket expense.
  • Every time the employee uses the clinic, the health plan avoids the claim cost.
  • Easy access, earlier intervention and treatment significantly reduces emergency and urgent care expense to the health plan.
  • Using the CareCorps® clinic saves employees time away from work driving to outside providers and avoiding long waits in physician offices.
  • Our data from actual CareCorps® clinic operations show measurable downward trends in complex disease states.
  • There are demonstrated significant savings to health plan claims resulting in lower health plan renewal costs.
  • There are also empirical savings from reduced absenteeism, and happier, healthier employees.